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Founded in 2016, based in New Jersey and having presence across globe. Life is too short to make bad apps and web portals. In the supply of ho-hum projects, we don’t settle for good.

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Staffing of the Future

Staffing of the Future is a Home Health Care Mobile App that will make the process of finding qualified staff to meet your needs. This App is for families looking for great in-home staff, individuals seeking work, and home/health care agencies seeking employees.

Staffing of The Future

Application Features

* Separate Sign and Registration for Family, Company, and Employees.

* Meeting schedule with the Doctors and nurses.

* In person Meeting schedule with the Doctors.

* Request for staffing for community or in-house services, or both.

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* Notification about staffing request.

* Search staffing service feature.

* Allocate Students per class

* Profile Management


Check out some of the Application Screenshots Below

Download the Application by clicking the Button below according to the required Platform.

Staffing of the Future

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