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Founded in 2016, based in New Jersey and having presence across globe. Life is too short to make bad apps and web portals. In the supply of ho-hum projects, we don’t settle for good.


Bring the Fun

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About the App

Bring The Fun: The App For Every Line Dancer

BTF Mission: To Supercharge the Fun of Line Dancing by maximizing engagement by finding, learning and tracking line dances and building friendships between dancers, choreographers, instructors and DJs

App Features

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Song recognition

Identify songs and related dances just by listening

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Challange Creation

Create a dance challenge and invite dancers, choreographers, students, and professional to compete among themselves.

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Create Events virtually or physically and invite users to your event

App Screenshots

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The Scope

The client’s objective was to develop a comprehensive dance-focused application for artists, encompassing key features such as Dance Creation, Challenge Creation, Event Creation, Song Recognition, and Add Friends & Groups, among others. The application was developed with a strong emphasis on robustness and durability.

The Challenge

As a team of highly experienced individuals, we aim to break all the challenges that came around during the development phase and one of them was to introduce gamification and main pain point for us is to increase the usability and User experience of the app so that to make users interest to use the app.

How We Did

We created an interactive application that possesses sufficient robustness to provide users with an optimal user experience, thereby enhancing the app’s usability and engagement with multiple users.

Want to try the app Bring the Fun

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